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  • Jan 29 / 2016
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It’s very right and true to say,

That R.C. is somewhere on top,

Cause we’ve produced men of great fame,

Not for school but for life.


So let us all stand as proud R.C. Boys,

And lift our voices high,

Cause when we sit back and we dig back on hour history,

We know we’re number one.


I’m proud to belong to the R.C. School,

Cause we’re famous in everything,

We’ve showed this in all our exams,

And even Sports and Arts.


We the St. Aloysius R.C. Boys,

Will continue to keep our name,

Under a bad condition we did,

So watch it better results are near.


Now let us thank God for everything,

He has provided us to date,

And still thank him forever more,

Cause we know there’s still more to come.