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  • Jan 28 / 2014
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The St. Aloysius R.C. Boys’ Primary School is an all-boys catholic school located in the city of Castries. It is a Government-assisted School managed by the Cathedral Administrator who currently is Father Cecil Goodman. The school is managed by a Principal, Vice Principal and a team of twenty-two teachers. The current population of the school is 420 students.
Our Motto: Not For School, But For Life.
Our mission is to create an organization in which teachers, who are trained and motivated, work in harmony with students, parents, the community, and the Ministry of Education to nurture the academic, spiritual, physical, social and emotional needs of our students, in a safe, caring, and positive learning environment that will nurture innovativeness and creativity in our students.
In pursuit of our mission and in accordance with our motto we are guided by the following core values:

**Respect for self and for others
**Pursuit of excellence
*Patience and humility
**Honesty and integrity
**Effective time management
**Involvement of all stakeholders in decision making
Our Vision: We are an effective, service centered, learning institution where:

**Student centered learning is achieved.
**Fairness and equality is promoted at all levels.
**Effective collaboration is achieved among all stakeholders i.e. the school, the home, the community and the Ministry of Education.
**Highly motivated, creative and caring teachers are encouraged, and professionalism is always valued.
**The holistic development of the child is emphasized.
**Each child is assisted in achieving his full potential.
**Males who will function successfully and responsibly are therefore produced.
The St. Aloysius R.C. Boys’ Primary school was built by Father Louis Tapon and opened on 16th August, 1909. It is named “St. Aloysius” in homage to Father Tapon, whose Christian name is Louis or Aloysius in Latin.
When the school was first opened, the uniform was khaki shirt and trousers until Mr. Augustin St. Clair, during his tenure as principal of the school, changed it to black trousers and royal blue shirts. This new uniform did not have a crest. A past teacher of the school, Mr. Brian Francis, designed the school’s crest. Mr. Francis also, whilst at the St. Aloysius R.C. Boys’ Primary School, wrote and composed the School’s Anthem.
The school has been nurturing boys for over a hundred (100) years and has been headed by many great principals, most of whom have departed this life, but their legacy is carried on and built upon. St. Aloysius R.C. Boys’ Primary School is a well-known prestigious academic institution. The school has consistently performed above the National Mean in every National Examination. Our students are prepared “Not for school, but for life” in keeping with our motto. They are engaged in numerous, varied activities. The boys can be seen playing sports in the yard, at the annual Tea Party showing off their talents and at our annual Calypso competition, ”R.C. Jam”, competing for the Calypso and Soca Monarch Crown. Annually, the School’s Athletics Championships takes place during the Second Term and is always well contested by Aloysius House (green), Clarke House (orange), Lewis House (yellow) and Phillip House (Red).
At the St. Aloysius R.C. Boys’ Primary School, a heavy emphasis is placed on co-curricular activities. The effort is to provide our students with skills that will equip them to live meaningful lives. All students participate in French, Music, Theatre Arts, Physical Education and Information and Communication Technology while a few are engaged in gardening. Our School also has a successful Special Needs programme to assist weaker students meet attainable academic goals. This programme operates using the pull-out method. A heavy emphasis is also placed on Religious Education.
As part of the annual observation of Nobel Laureates Week, the school holds it’s Awards Ceremony, to recognize students who have excelled. At the St. Aloysius R.C. Boys’ Primary School, every child is important. Special care is taken to ensure every child is holistically developed, thereby enhancing his ability to meet life’s demands.